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Session 4 - Planning Ahead: Legal and Financial Issues


Planning ahead is one the positive steps you can take to help you and your family prepare for the challenges that Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias will bring.

In this session you will learn about the legal and financial documents you need to complete in the early stage while the person with the disease has capacity to make decisions and can make their wishes known.  You will also have an opportunity to examine the barriers that often prevent us from planning ahead.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of advance planning for a person in the early stages of dementia.
  • Explain the difference between power of attorney, immediate enduring power of attorney and springing enduring power of attorney for making financial decisions.
  • Explain the purpose of a personal directive for making health-related and other decisions.
  • Know when the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act must be used.
  • Explain the importance of making a will and other legal arrangements while a person with dementia still has the capacity to do so.
  • Appreciate the legal and ethical issues involved in determining if individuals with dementia have the capacity to sign legal and financial documents.

Work through the various parts of the session at your leisure.  Move from one part to another at your own pace and in the order that makes sense to you, based on your own needs and interests.

Take time to visit the Discussion Forums, where you can post, in a common area, messages to all other community members. It’s a place for you to interact with others and to discuss the topics and ideas introduced throughout this session. 

At any time, you may scroll to the Search bar at the top of the page and type a specific question or topic.


  • Introduction

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  • Part 1 - Planning for the Future – Important Advice

    Part 1
  • Part 2 - Power of Attorney

    Part 2
  • Part 3 - Personal Directives

    Part 3
  • Part 4 - Last Will and Testament

    Part 4
  • Part 5 - Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act (AGTA)

    Part 5
  • Part 6 - Reflection and Next Steps

    Part 6
  • Summary


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