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Session 6 - Choose a healthy lifestyle!

Part 3 - Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

Being physically active is one practical action you can take to improve your brain health. It is a lifestyle choice!

By making healthy lifestyle choices, you may be able to reduce your risk and improve your brain’s ability to sustain long-term health.

Will healthy lifestyle choices prevent Alzheimer’s disease? There are no guarantees, but evidence suggests that healthy lifestyles help the brain maintain connections and even build new ones. That means that a healthy brain can withstand illness better. So, take action today.

Source: ASANT Cafe

Brain Health - Choose a healthy lifestyle

Watch this video and listen to Liana Shannon, as she provides a brief overview on the following four important lifestyle choices: 1. Be physically active 2. Make healthy food choices 3. Know your heath numbers 4. Reduce stress

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