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Session 2 - Challenge Your Brain

Part 3 - Brain Teaser Activity #1 (Easy)

Here’s a fun activity to challenge your brain! Take a few minutes and see how well you do.  It’s not a test, just another example of one of the many activities you can do to give your brain a boost.

For more brain teaser activities visit the Alzheimer Society’s BrainBooster® activity pages at

How to play?

  • See below three (3) audio clips of easy piano melodies.  They’re brief – just seconds in length!
  • Listen to the three (3) audio clips.  Listen closely! 
  • Decide which two (2) of the audio clips are the exact same melodies.
  • Go to the Summary section of this session and find the answer to this Brain Teaser Activity #1 (Easy) at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!

Piano Melody A

Piano Melody B

Piano Melody C

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