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Session 12 - Preparing for Changes Ahead

Part 2 - Decision Making

Decisions will need to be made throughout the late stage of Alzheimer's disease. These decisions may be difficult and you may feel uncomfortable making them, especially those dealing with life-prolonging treatments and what the individual might consider a comfortable death. Sometimes it is helpful to have a plan to follow when making decisions. This allows you to think things through ahead of time rather than just reacting in a crisis situation. Download and print a copy of the activity sheet below. Take a few moments to review the model.

Respecting the expressed wishes of the person with dementia should guide all end-of-life care decisions. A guiding principle should be to uphold his dignity, privacy and safety.

When making decisions on behalf of another person, it is important to follow the person's wishes, if they are known. If they have not been communicated, knowing his values and beliefs can help you make a decision that most closely resembles the one he would have made.

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