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Session 8 - Activities of Daily Living


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In this session you learned how dementia can affect everyday functioning and how we can build on a person’s strengths to help maintain their quality of life.  You were also introduced to some practical ways to adapt activities and the environment to ensure safety and encourage independence. 

The Alzheimer Society in your community can provide educational resources to help you learn more about the disease, referrals to help you access the practical support you need, and one-on-one and group support to help you cope with the emotional impact of the disease.  Contact your local Alzheimer Society today.


Note: This online version of the Seeds of Hope Family Learning Series provides guidance but it is not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional.  Consult your health care provider about changes in the person’s condition, or if you have questions or concerns.

Congratulations you've completed Session 8!

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